• Unlike general staffing firms and traditional recruiters, we are exclusively B2B sales focused, possess deep workforce expertise, use a rigorous methodology, and offer a unique fee structure and industry leading guarantee.

  • How We Recruit

    Generate's scientific 5-step sales recruiting methodology


    Determine Corporate Objective

    Our process starts with understanding your corporate and China strategies, sales model and culture, to ensure our recruitment strategy is aligned with your corporate goals.


    Profile the Ideal Candidates

    We profile your ideal candidates with a thorough definition of the skills, experience, and DNA necessary to be successful in the role.


    Targeted Headhunting

    Our targeted search methodology finds hidden talent who have hit quota for the last five consecutive years and lead their teams to record numbers.


    Qualifying Interviews

    2-on-1 interviews by a European interviewer and a Chinese interviewer; rigorous cross-referencing with ideal candidate profile; introducing best 3-4 candidates for your final interviewing and hiring decision


    Scientific Assessment

    Every candidate is rigorously tested, leveraging a unique mix of advanced tools, including track record verification, behavior-based interviews and role playing, and psychometric profiling and benchmarking.

  • We don't stop after the hire

    Compensation Planing

    Quota Setting

    30-60-90 Day Planning

    Office Space

    Sales Management

    Sales Support

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