• Sales Outsourcing and Management

  • Looking to outsource sales in China? Lucky for you, we are an experienced company which has sales outsourcing specialists for China. Years of experience, many satisfied and returning clients mean the world to us, but primarily it shows that we are doing our job very well.


    Think about your current situation in China. If you offer services or goods in China and you are feeling too much pressure from the competition or not meeting expectations – contact us, and that will inevitably change. Even if you are thinking that your business is doing fine, think that with a right strategy and by outsourcing sales in China it could do even better.

    Our Commitment to Clients

    • Revenue growth and new client acquisition
    • Reduced and controlled cost of sales
    • Brand protection by using dedicated fulltime employees
    • Sales Intelligence – All information is your information.

    What Makes Generate Stands Out

    Proven Repeatable Process

    • S.O.L.D. – Our Launch Methodology – Proven and Repeatable for Large and Small Companies
    • Senior Executives – Project Managers – with industry experience and knowledge to build and manage sales teams.

    Level of Expertise

    • Sales & Marketing & Trading are our core competencies
    • Allows you & your team to focus on what you do best

    Speed to Market

    • On-boarding process quickly adapts to your business goals & objectives
    • Actively marketing and selling your product or service in 30 – 45 days

    Cost Savings

    • More control over variable expenses such as insurance, overhead, HR, etc.
    • Reduce or eliminate personnel, equipment & infrastructure

    Scalable Solutions

    • Marketing services that are optimized to campaign results
    • Sales teams that can adapt to market conditions and results of the campaign

    Employee Transition

    • Customer may acquire sales team directly after 12 months
    • Proven and properly trained sales team positioned for years of development and success.
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